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George Latimer: Missing on important votes

Assemblyman George Latimer Snuck Out of the Assembly Chamber to Avoid Voting on Important Legislation.

Assemblyman George Latimer should be voting on all of the legislation that comes before the New York State Assembly. It’s his job.

But, it was recently revealed that he snuck out of the Assembly Chamber to avoid taking a position on a piece of legislation that was opposed by the union bosses, high priced lobbyists and other special interest groups.


  1. Another politician whose loyalty can be bought by special interest groups. George Latimer is a disgrace to our great state!

  2. You know what would happen to me if I left in the middle of work? I’d be fired immediately. Let’s do the same to George Latimer, and vote the slimeball out of office this year.

  3. A caring man who has accomplished many things for our great state, let’s stop these unfair attacks on a fine man. Please stop these negative messages. -S

  4. Why can’t George Latimer do his job? Is it really so hard for the man to stay in one place for 15 minutes? It would seem that if accountability is an issue, then maybe George Latimer’s issue should be finding a new job.

  5. I agree with James, if you can’t take time out of your day to do the job that you said you would, then you probably should not have a job at all. Let’s show George Latimer that New Yorkers mean business by replacing him with a legitimate representative in the New York legislature.

  6. Normally, I would say that we should support our state representatives, but in the case of George Latimer, the only thing that we should report is his removal. George Latimer is a man who has made his living at the cost of the very people he was elected to represent and look after. Let’s find a man or woman to replace him who won’t be swayed so easily.

  7. George Latimer is a joke. He avoids being in attendance for important votes so that he does not have to take a public stance on important issues. A coward like George Latimer should not be in office. We need someone who isn’t scared to stand up for what they believe in, or to stand up for their constituents. Let’s get Latimer out of Albany!

  8. George Latimer: Always there, unless it counts.

  9. Where is George Latimer when we need him? Nowhere to be found as usual. It’s too bad a man like this has managed to represent us for as long as he has.

  10. George Latimer is no good! Let’s get him out of Albany.

  11. Let’s ask George Latimer what his position on important legislation? I’m sure it’s whatever direction the wind (or checkbook) blows.

  12. George Latimer is a prime example of what is wrong in our country today. Politicians that take handouts from special interest groups and big business instead of voting on the side of the people and the side of liberty should never be allowed to run anything bigger than a shoebox. The only “common sense” choice that we have as New Yorkers is to vote this joker out of office, and replace him with real effective leadership for the future good of New York state and her people.

  13. George Latimer:just another self serving career politician. How can this man continue to hold office with such an abysmal voting record in Albany?

  14. George Latimer is not only a bad decision for New York, but a bad decision for America as well. Men like George Latimer CANNOT be allowed to stay in office! It is our constitutional duty to keep men like this out of Albany.

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