"we have it in our power to begin the world over again"

Thomas Paine

Michael Gianaris SD 12

Upon becoming head of the Senate Democrats campaign committee, one of Michael Gianaris’ first acts was to engage the Parkside Group, a powerful lobbying and consulting firm. Watchdog groups such as Common Cause have raised questions about politicians’ close ties to Parkside’s lobbyists. Parkside has come under scrutiny for helping politicians get elected, then lobbying them for favors for clients.

Gianaris has also been an ardent supporter of nuclear energy, specifically advocating for keeping open the Indian Point nuclear plant. Meanwhile, Entergy, the company that operates Indian Point, has paid Parkside tens of thousands of dollars over the years to advocate for its interests before lawmakers.
Finally, Gianaris’ position on redistricting reform drew the ire of Governor Cuomo, a fellow Democrat. Gianaris’ called for redistricting reform last year, after the Republican leadership put forward a plan that would have made his path to re-election far trickier.

Yet, redistricting reform was something Gianaris had eschewed when he and Democrats were in control of the Senate.
Cuomo rightfully pointed out that Giararis “had a different position on the issue” when Democrats were in the majority, and called his shift “convenient politics of the time.”

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