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Ted O’Brien SD 55


Ted O’Brien’s supported a judge accused of sexual harassment of female attorneys and court employees yet opposed a qualified judicial appointee. O’Brien backed a plan to charge additional fees to property owners in towns without police departments for road and patrol services provided by the County Sheriff’s office. O’Brien opposed swapping county sales tax revenue […]

George Latimer SD 37


George Latimer ran on a term limits pledge, then ran for a fifth term inconsistent with that pledge. His campaign filings have drawn scrutiny when it was uncovered that he had spent nearly $30,000 on fine dining expenses. It has also been widely reported that he has exited the Chamber during key votes, rather than […]

Joseph Addabbo, JR SD 15


View Addabbo’s Real Record Joseph Addabbo held a $500-a-head fundraiser at Aqueduct Raceway after his party was investigated for illegally awarding contracts there. Public reports show Addabbo took thousands of dollars in campaign money from the casino builders. Addabbo’s voting record show numerous votes in favor of higher taxes in New York City, including sales […]

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New York's state and local tax burden is the second highest in the nation according to the Tax Foundation. Taxpayers suffer under the nation’s most dysfunctional state government and certain NYS politicians take dysfunction and self-interest to a new level.

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What has Addabbo been doing in Albany? Not much

Joseph Addabbo has been in public office for 10 years. But what has he done during that time? Not much. In fact, during his time in the State Senate, Addabbo has only passed three bills into law. … Read More

Who has Latimer been representing in Albany?

“the most loyal Assembly members were… George Latimer (D-Rye), who voted with Silver more than 99 percent of the time.” • Voted for the MTA payroll tax – creating a new tax on every Westchester … Read More

Latimer: Voting with Party Bosses 99 percent of the time

George Latimer voted 99% of the time with New York City, Democratic Party insiders like scandal-plagued Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, even if that meant voting against Westchester families and … Read More

O’Brien stands by Judge

Ted O’Brien chose political influence over women’s safety. When given the choice to stand up for New York women. Ted O’Brien choose to support his political ally, Judge William Bristol, accused of … Read More

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