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Thomas Paine

Ted O’Brien betrayed New York Women

…by siding with a judge accused of sexual harassment

Ted O’Brien’s political associate, Judge William Bristol, was accused of sexually harassing multiple women – several female attorneys and court employees.

The evidence against him was so incriminating that the Monroe County Bar Association could not recommend him for re-election because of “substantial credible evidence” of “inappropriate sexual comments or sexual advances.”


  1. We must ensure that Ted O’Brien does not get elected in November so that these kinds of things cannot happen again.

  2. Concerned Citizen NY says:

    Ted O’Brien represents what is wrong with out government today. Let’s show them we mean business this November and that we will not stand for these kinds of actions.

  3. ny conservative says:

    How can Bar withdraw support from this man, but Ted O’Brien support him? So much for standing up for what is right.

  4. There are actions that are questionable, and there are actions that are wrong. In this case Ted O’Brien’s actions fit the latter category. An inexcusable case of political cronysim, and Ted O’Brien must be defeated in November!

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