"we have it in our power to begin the world over again"

Thomas Paine

Ted O’Brien SD 55

Ted O’Brien’s supported a judge accused of sexual harassment of female attorneys and court employees yet opposed a qualified judicial appointee.

O’Brien backed a plan to charge additional fees to property owners in towns without police departments for road and patrol services provided by the County Sheriff’s office.

O’Brien opposed swapping county sales tax revenue for state Medicaid payment, a move that could’ve lowered property taxes and helped balance the county budget. While fighting against the swap, O’Brien released calculations –later shown to be false – which suggested the measure would cost the county thousands more than was actually the case.

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  1. Ted O’Brien, I have had the pleasure of knowing Ted for quite a few years. I have also had deals that he has closed for me. I find Ted to be a man of high values and principles, committed to the Monroe County Community. Ted O’brien has served this county well. He is a good strong voice for the little guy, middle class and for anyone who needs to have truthful answers. My guess is that Ted had his reasons to support this Judge that Hanna and his ommitty has brought into this campaign. WHY? To try and slura good persons reputation and stature. Maybe Mr. Hanna should pay more attention to the issues rather then to try and dig up as much dirt on a man rather than tell us what he has plannedif elected. I am a Republican supporting TED O’BRIEN! I hate political candidates who need to through dirt at their opponents to try and make themselves seem intelligent. Shame on you MR Hanna

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