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Thomas Paine

What has Addabbo been doing in Albany? Not much

Joseph Addabbo has been in public office for 10 years. But what has he done during that time? Not much.

In fact, during his time in the State Senate, Addabbo has only passed three bills into law. And some of his bills make no sense: like “sensitivity training” for the members of the New York National Guard and money for parrot adoptions.

While Addabbo claims to speak up for us in the State Senate, he only averages 10 spoken words per day of work. With his $79,500 base salary, Addabbo gets paid $35.50 per word. Even worse, Addabbo “earned” $12,500 in taxpayer funded bonus pay for chairing a committee that held only four meetings. That’s $3,125 per meeting.


  1. 3 bills in 10 years? Joe Addabbo must be playing some kind of joke on New York voters…

  2. I’m glad all those parrots are cared for so greatly, while the poor freeze and starve in the street. When we see Joseph Addabbo on the street let’s ask him who he cares more about, his constituents or some birds.

  3. Get this guy out of here. Joseph Addabbo a leech who is determined to do nothing and make a living off of other people’s taxes doing it.

  4. Let’s accomplish something as citizens of New York and vote Joseph Addabbo out of office.

  5. Joseph Addabbo is an embarrassment to our district and to the great state of New York.

  6. Joe Addabbo is an honest and good man who cares about the people of the 15th district!

  7. Joseph Addabbo doesn’t care for his constituents nearly as much as he cares about himself and his “sensitivity training.”

  8. Joseph Addabbo is just another career politician who plans on riding out a long unproductive tenure in the New York Senate for the sake of cushy retirement package.

  9. How has such a complete record of inaction gone unnoticed for so long? Let’s show Albany we mean business and won’t tolerate men like Joseph Addabbo!

  10. Joseph Addabbo is a mouth piece for special interest groups. The only “special interest” the people of New York should have is voting this buffoon out of office.

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