"we have it in our power to begin the world over again"

Thomas Paine

Who has Latimer been representing in Albany?

“the most loyal Assembly members were… George Latimer (D-Rye), who voted with Silver more than 99 percent of the time.”

• Voted for the MTA payroll tax – creating a new tax on every Westchester business, school and non-profit.

• Did not support a pension reform bill that would save taxpayers $300 million.

• Supported eliminating New Rochelle’s property tax cap – causing property taxes in the city to soar.

• Did not support the 2011 property tax cap that provided tax relief for county residents.


  1. I’m sure all of the New York taxpayers would really appreciate a $300 million savings in pension reform. Apparently Latimer disagreed. Who’s side is this guy on anyway?

  2. Let’s tell George Latimer what’s on our minds, “No new taxes!”

  3. I agree with Chris, taxes are high enough without some bozo in Albany placing a heavier burden on our already overloaded wallets.

  4. Does George Latimer have something against the people of New York?

  5. We need Assembly members who are loyal to the people of New York, not special interest groups, as is the case with George Latimer.

  6. George Latimer is a man that cares about his community and his state. Criticizing a man who has the best interests of his people in mind is not right.

  7. Jeffrey, if by caring you mean raising taxes during hard economic times, then yes, George Latimer does “care” about the people of New York.

  8. We need a new a Assemblyman in Albany, one who will stand up for us and has our best interests at heart. Read: not George Latimer.

  9. With a man like George Latimer in Albany, how can we ever expect lower taxes or better quality of life? Let’s vote this joker out of office!

  10. How can George Latimer support a tax increase in one of the most highly taxed states in the country? Absolutely ridiculous.

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